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6. Is there a limit on how many emails a day I can send?

posted 1 Jan 2016, 10:23 by Andrew Dimech   [ updated 28 Jan 2017, 03:34 by Andrew Dimech ]

It depends what you use. By default, the add-on uses Gmail’s API to send emails which limits the number to 100 emails/day for gmail users. If you have G Suite its 1,500 email/day. Google sets these limits as you can read by clicking here.

To get around this problem there are two alternatives:
  1. Send email using an SMTP server. You can either use Gmail’s SMTP which allows you an additional 500 emails/day or use your own company’s SMTP server which basically is only limited by what your administrator allows. Set this up from your Google Doc by clicking the Add-ons->Mail Merge->SMTP Settings.
    • You can also use a 3rd Party SMTP Service such as
    • This service allows you to send 1000 email/day for free. However you have to batch them 25 emails/hour.
  2. Schedule Emails. Create a column in your sheet and call it 'Scheduled'. In it set the future date you want the email to be sent. Hence you can group emails to be automatically sent 100/day. Just click the Options dialog to set the 'Scheduled' column to the 'Scheduled Field:'.