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The best Mail Merge add on for Google Docs and Google Sheets

By far the easiest Google Sheets Mail Merge add-on which integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Google Drive. The Google Docs Mail Merge addon allows you to merge both into emails and letters. Mail Merge online, anytime. No need to download any mail merge software, app or program. Everything works though your favourite web browser. Be it Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc. Works with a Chromebook, Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

By default, the Mail Merge add on sends emails through your Gmail account. However, you can configure Mail Merge in Google Docs to work with any SMTP Server/Service such as SendGrid.

Ideal for Invoicing, Customer Care, Purchase Orders, Notifications, Letters, CRM, etc.

Free Mail Merge support offered 24x7.

Some of our awesome mailmerge features

    • Merge specific rows

    • Schedule merge time for email

    • Track merged rows

    • Cc and Bcc merge fields

    • Mail Merge supports Gmail's on behalf feature

    • Add merge fields to the subject line

    • Mail Merge a PDF Attachment

    • Merge to Cards

    • Print Envelopes from Google Docs

    • Merge Photos

    • Merge Hyperlinks

    • Mail Merge with attachments

    • Emails are sent free from any advertising.

Rated 4.6/5 from over 6,000 reviewers

Over 4.4 million installs. Try this Gmail Mail Merge for free.

Watch a Tutorial

Learn how to use Mail Merge in Google Docs by watching this YouTube tutorial. It will show you how mail merge uses your Gmail account to send emails or generate email drafts. In less than 9 minutes you will also learn how to mail merge into letters though the Google Docs version of the add-on.

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