Can I schedule when to send emails?

Yes. Just create a column say 'Scheduled' and enter the date/time you want the email to be sent (as seen in this Sample Spreadsheet). Make sure to format the 'Scheduled' column in a way to show the month in letters (i.e: 'Jan' or 'January'). This will avoid misunderstanding from the system between different date formats across countries. For example 1/2/2017 means Jan 02, 2017 in the USA and 1 Feb 2017 in the UK.

You can also specify the time you want to send your email such as 'Apr 4, 2018 7:30 PM' however please note that the scheduling process is triggered hourly not every minute. This means that your emails will be sent some time between the scheduled time and an hour later.

Once you've set the 'Scheduled' column open the Options dialog and set the 'Scheduled' column in the 'Scheduled Field'. Click the Save button to save changes.

Now click the Merge button to start merging process. This process is executed in the background and therefore you don't need to keep your document template open for it to run.

This feature is particularly useful to get over the X emails/day limit google allows you to send.

Please note that scheduling only works for merging to emails (not letters).

Important Notes:

  • The schedule process automatically stops once it doesn't find anymore emails scheduled for the future. If you add new rows with future dates you would need to hit the merge button again start the schedule process again.
  • The timezone in which your emails are send is based on the timezone set in your Google Sheet. You can set this from File->Spreadsheet settings...->General->Time zone.