Generate an

Address Book / Contact Directory

Available only from the Google Docs addon

Follow these steps to merge a list of contacts from your Google Sheet to an

Address Book / Contact Directory

Step 1

Modify the Google Document template to accept 2 or 3 columns. This depends on how many columns you want in your merged Address Book.

Step 2

Insert your *|merge fields|* into the first column of your Google Doc template.

We suggest you can make a copy of this read-only sample document template and modify it to your needs. This will help you avoid some common mistakes.

Step 3

From the Sidebar click the Options button and set the 'Add Page Break' option to No.

Save Options.

Step 4

It would make sense to sort your data in Google Sheets by the Fullname, Firstname or Lastname. In this Sample Contact List we are sorting by Fullname. We also created a column called L which has a formula that takes the first letter of the Fullname. This will be useful in the address book to help you find the name alphabetically.

This is how the Address Book will look like when using the sample Google Document template.