How to add email attachments



Available in both the Google Docs & Sheets Add-ons

To attach a file from your computer follow these steps:

  1. Add your attachment/file to your Google Drive (if not already there).

  2. Right click the file from Google Drive and click 'Get shareable link'.

  3. Copy the link from the dialog and paste it as a hyperlink in your email body (as shown in the Email Body Template image below). The advantages of a Shared Link vs traditional Email Attachment are:

    • Revoke access to an attachment after emails have been sent.

    • Password protect your attachment.

    • Eco-friendly. Drastically reduce your storage footprint. Example. At attached file of 2MB sent to 100 emails would consume 200Mb. A linked attachment would consume next to nothing.

    • Spam filter cannot block your email due to attachment content as the email only contains a link to the attachment.

Email Body Template

Actual Merged Email



Available only from Google Docs Add-on

Send a Google Document template as a PDF attachment to your email.

  1. Expand the Email Settings

  2. Check: Send Doc as PDF attachment

  3. Click Write Email Body to enter the content of your email. You can also enter *|merge fields|* here.

  4. Click Set Filename to choose the name of your attached file. The filename can be static or different for each email sent.

  5. When you merge the Google Document will be merged and attached to your email as a PDF.