Is there a daily email limit?

When buying the premium version the add-on does not limit how many emails a day you can send. However by default the add-on uses your gmail account to send emails and your Gmail service has its own limitations which you need to consider.

By default, the Gmail’s API limits you to 100 emails/day for [] users. If you have the paid version of G Suite the limit is of 1,500 email/day. You can read more about Google limitations here.

To get around this problem there are two alternatives:

  • Schedule Emails.
  • Send email using an SMTP server. You can either use Gmail’s SMTP which allows you an additional 500 emails/day or use your own company’s SMTP server which basically is only limited by what your administrator allows. Set this up from your Google Doc by clicking the Add-ons->Mail Merge->SMTP Settings.
    • Gmail SMTP Settings
Gmail SMTP Settings
    • You can also use a 3rd Party SMTP Service such as
    • This service allows you to send 1000 email/day for free. However you have to batch them 25 emails/hour.