Merge to Envelopes

How do I mail merge to envelopes?

From the Google Docs Add-on Only

Step 1

In Google Docs, click Add-ons > Mail Merge > Envelopes.

Step 2

Select a standard envelope size from the Envelope Size drop-down (A), or set your own custom width and height (B).

Step 3

Click Save to apply changes.

Step 4

Open the Mail Merge add-on by clicking Add-ons > Mail Merge > Start.

This will open the Mail Merge side bar.

Step 5

Add a return address, if required.

Step 6

Position your text centrally on the envelope using the ruler and the Enter key.

Step 7

Insert your merge field into the template by selecting from the Merge Field drop-down and clicking Add.

Repeat for as many merge fields as required.

Step 8

Select Letters under Merge To.

Step 9

Click the Merge button.

Step 10

Click the Print icon.

Step 11

Click More Options and use the Paper Size drop-down to select your envelope size.

Step 12

Click the Print button.