How do I fix blank pages when I merge to letters?

Applicable only for the Google Docs Add-on

If the content of your Document Template is close to the page footer, most likely you will get a blank page between each letter in your merged document. This happens because the merged text increases the height of your merged page and hence some of the content or its page break is spilled into a new page.

Possible Workarounds:

  • Click the Options button from the add-on's sidebar and set Add Page Break to No. This is applicable if the extra blank page happens consistently between each letter.

  • Reduce the content or font size in your document template so that you leave some room for growth when the merged text is inserted.

Issue Example

Content is too close to the footer. There is no room for the merge page to grow. A page break is automatically inserted at the end of each letter. Hence you end up with a blank page between letters.