Google Form Submit

How do I automatically send emails in response to a Google Form Submit?

From the Google Sheets Add-on Only

Step 1

From your Google Form response sheet, start the Mail Merge add-on by clicking Extensions > Mail Merge > Start.

This will open the Mail Merge dialog box.

Step 2

Click New under Body Template.

Step 3

Create your email body and insert your *|merge fields|*, if required.

Step 4

Click Save to apply changes.

Step 5

Edit the following settings as required:

  • Select your email address *|merge field|* from the Email To drop-down.

  • Enter an email display name under From Display Name.

  • Enter an email subject under Subject.

Step 6

Select Send email automatically from the On a Google Form Submit drop-down.

Step 7

Click Save to apply changes.

Future Google Form Submits will now receive an automatic email response.