How to Merge to Letters

How do I merge to letters from Google Docs?

From the Google Docs Add-on Only

Step 1

Write your Google Docs letter template.

This will serve as the basis for your letters.

Step 2

Start the Mail Merge add-on by clicking Add-ons > Mail Merge > Start.

This will open the Mail Merge sidebar.

Step 3

From the Mail Merge sidebar, click Open Spreadsheet and choose the Google Sheets file from which you want to merge data.

This can be a file from your Google Drive, Team Drives or any other Google Drive you have access to.

Step 4

From the Sheet drop-down, select the tab in your Google Sheet that you want to merge data from.

Step 5

Make sure the first row in your Google Sheet contains column names, such as Name, Address, Email, etc. These column names will be used as *|merge fields|* in your letter template.

To be able to merge, you need to have at least one row of data under your column names.

Step 6

Insert *|merge fields|* into your Google Docs letter template by clicking in the desired location within the template, selecting a field from the Merge Field drop-down and clicking Add.

Repeat this step for all required *|merge fields|*.

*|Merge fields|* are the column names found in the first row of data in your Google Sheet. You can change the font, color, size, etc. of the *|merge fields|* in your letter template in the same way you would regular text. You can further customize your letter template by adding images.

Step 7

Once you have inserted all of your *|merge fields|*, open the Options window by clicking the button in the Mail Merge sidebar.

Step 8

Select either Multiple Documents or Single Document from the Merge Letters Into drop-down.

This gives you the option to create a new file for every row or to merge all rows into a single file.

Step 9

If you selected Multiple Documents, two additional drop-downs become available:

  • Merged Document Name: This enables you to set one of your *|merge fields|* as the file name for your merged documents.

  • Save to PDF: This gives you the option to create a copy of your merged documents in PDF format, in addition to the default Google Docs format.

If you selected Single Document, proceed to Step 10.

Step 10

Click Save to apply changes.

Step 11

Select Letters from Merge To and, when you are ready, press the Merge button to start the mail merge process.

NOTE: You can also merge specific rows and track merged rows.