Merge Hyperlinks

How do I mail merge hyperlinks?

Step 1

In Google Sheets, create two new columns and name them whatever you want.

The first of the new columns will contain the hyperlink URL and the second will contain the hyperlink text.

In the example below, column G is named Hyperlink URL and column H will is named Hyperlink Text.

Step 2

In the name of the Hyperlink URL column, add the tag <link|X> where 'X' is the letter of the Hyperlink Text column.

In the example below, the tag is added to the name of column G and links to column H.

Step 3

Add hyperlink URLs and text in the cells of the respective columns.

In the example below, hyperlinks to job role descriptions are added in column G and job titles are added to column H.

Step 4

In your merge template, insert the hyperlink *|merge field|* as you would for any other merge field.

In the example below, the merge field *|Hyperlink URL <link|H>|* is added. Following the mail merge, IT Support is displayed as the hyperlink text, which links to the IT Support job role description.

Merge Template

Merged Content