Bullets and numbering

Applicable only for the Google Docs Add-on

When using bullets or numbering its best if you merge to letters using Multiple Documents. You can set this from the Options dialog. To print your multiple documents in one go read this article.

Alternatively you can use the suggestions below.

Numbering Issue:

Formatting is not preserved for paragraphs with automatic numbering assigned.

As a workaround create a table with two columns. In the first column insert your number. In the second column insert your formatted text. You would then probably want to remove the table border. To do this, right click on the table and click properties. Set the border to 0px.

Bullets Issues

  • Only the first set of bullets (highlighted in red below) are supported. If any of the other six is used, they will all show as a solid disc when merging to letters.
  • Bullets in a table will not show when merging to letters.

As an workaround you can insert special characters instead of a bullet. You can do this by clicking the Insert->Special characters... menu item. You can choose from 100s of symbols.