Bullets & Numbering

Can I use bullets and numbering in my mail merge?

From the Google Docs Add-on Only


NOTE: The information below is applicable to merging to letters only as the issues discussed do not affect merging to emails.

When using bullets or numbering, it is best if you merge to letters using Multiple Documents. You can set this in the Options dialog box under Merge Letters Into (highlighted red in the screenshot below).

To print multiple documents in one go, please read this article.

For information specific to bullets or numbering, please refer to the sections below.


Bullets in a table will not show when merging to letters.

In the document body, only the first bullet type (highlighted red in the screenshot below) is supported. If any of the other five bullet types are used, they will show as a solid disc when merging to letters.

As a workaround, you can insert special characters instead of bullets. You can do this by clicking Insert > Special Characters.

You can choose from hundreds of symbols. Some of those most similar to bullets are listed under Geometric Shapes (see the screenshot below).


Formatting is not preserved for paragraphs with automatic numbering.

As a workaround, you can create a table with two columns and however many rows you require by clicking Insert > Table.

In the first column, insert your number. In the second column, insert your formatted text.

You can then remove the table border by right clicking on the table, selecting Table Properties and setting the Table Border to 0pt (highlighted red in the screenshot below).