Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I merge to emails from Google Docs or Google Sheets?

How do I merge to letters from Google Docs?

How do I mail merge to envelopes?

Can I use the Mail Merge add-on with my Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets?

How do I dynamically mail merge images, QR codes and barcodes?

How do I add file attachments to my mail merge?

How do I mail merge hyperlinks?

Can I use headers and footers in my mail merge?

Can I use bullets and numbering in my mail merge?

How do I filter and track specific rows to mail merge?

How do I apply a different format to my merge fields based on certain conditions?

How do I create merge fields that are conditional upon the content of other fields?

How do I automatically send emails in response to a Google Form Submit?

Are there any limits on the number of email/letter merges that I can perform?

How do I insert merge fields in the email subject?

How do I schedule emails?

How do I send emails on behalf of someone else?

How do I send emails over SMTP?

How do I separate multiple email addresses within a cell, for 'to', 'cc' and 'bcc' fields?

How do I merge to PDF files from Google Docs?

How do I merge in batches?

How do I print multiple Google Docs in one go?

How do I duplicate my template multiple times in a single page?

How do I create an address book or contact directory?

How do I remove blank pages when I mail merge to letters?

What should I do if I receive errors related to using multiple Google accounts?

Can I merge a group of rows together in a single page/email?

How do I manage users on a site license?

How do I uninstall the Mail Merge add-on?