Repeat Template Within Page

How do I duplicate my template multiple times in a single page?


You want to repeat the contents of your document template multiple times within a single page in order to maximise use of paper. Applications could include student report cards, certificates, tickets, etc.

From the Google Docs Add-on Only

Step 1

In Google Docs, create your template and insert your *|merge fields|*, as required.

Step 2

Open the Options window by clicking the button in the Mail Merge sidebar.

Step 3

Select No from the Add Page Break drop-down.

By default, each row is merged to a new page. However, removing the page break will allow you to replicate the contents of your document template on a single page within the merged document.

Step 4

Click Save to apply changes.

An example of repeated merged content within a single page can be seen in the screenshot below.

Try Avery Label Merge

Avery Label Merge is a fully-fledged add-on specifically designed to create and merge labels. This tool provides features suited to label-making which are not found in Mail Merge, such as a multi-column layout.

You can try Avery Label Merge today by clicking on the link below.